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Seminars Training & Certification Packages

Hypnotherapy – Neuro Linguistic Practice – Time Line Therapy®


Creating your Future – 2-day seminar for individuals, teams, groups
Creating your Future Together – 2-day seminar for couples
Neural Linguistic Transformation 1-day introduction
Modern Hypnosis Day Spa – Full Day Spa for your Mind – Relax & Nourish your Whole Self
Professional Development

Training Modules

Introduction to Neural Linguistic Practice
Understanding the formation of Internal Representations & Internal Models of the World
Values Theory, Elicitation & Utilization
IThe Biology of Belief
Parts Integration Practice & Master Practice
Time Line Therapy ® Theory & Practice

Certification Courses

NLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Trainers Training
Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner & Master Practitioner

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