Practitioner-Training NLP Practitioner Certification Training - 31 Oct to Nov 6 2018

NLP Practitioner Certification Training – 7 Day Intensive Training

Neuro Linguistics – Hypno-Health – Time Line Therapy®

A powerful therapeutic blend above and beyond any other current modality – It’s just more advanced!

VENUE:  Relaxing therapeutic  venue in Mount Helen Ballarat

From the 31h October to 6th November 2018

Cost per person


Neuro – Your Thinking Process: The way you use your senses (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, gustatory & olfactory) to understand what is happening around you.

Linguistic – Your words: the way you use language and how it influences you and those around you.

Programming – Your behaviour: The way you organize your ideas and actions, which produce expected and unexpected results.

NLP teaches how to train your brain so that your thinking, your words and your actions are in line with your goals. NLP is at the core of the “Mind Body Connection” and its techniques are designed to facilitate conscious and unconscious integration relating to the whole person.

Time Line Therapy® is a content free system of techniques born out of NLP for disconnecting major negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions from past experiences and creating future goals that you will easily and effortlessly achieve. The time line of our memory is a living, holographic & quantum system. Release through Time Line Therapy ® frees up energy for the whole body to use for positive functioning.

Hypno-Health provides further linguistic techniques for conscious/unconscious integration and reinforcing new learnings at a deeply unconscious level. Hypno-Health further includes the “Pain Paradigm”. Together the outcomes may include physical healing.

Entry Level Theory and Practice for Attachment Transformation Beyond Security
1) How to identify and modify Internal Working Models of ourselves, relationships and the world
2) About Neurological boundaries held in place by Linguistics – the words we use to tell our story
3) Techniques to safely empower movement from disorganized or insecure attachment state of mind all the way through to security and beyond – Transform Lives!

Cost per person