NLP-Needhope-Seminar NLP Practitioner 5 cerifications in one 8 day intensive training

NLP Practitioner Certification: 5 qualifications in one 8 day intensive training

NLP Master Practitioner  Certification Course – NLP – HYPNOHEALTH – TIME LINE THERAPY ®

The Key to Mental Wellness – Emotional Stability – Physical Health

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Master Practitioner Training will provide you with master level knowledge and experiential practice skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming – Time Line Therapy ® and Hypno-Health. Advanced techniques to:
• release major negative emotions attached to past experiences that continue to define and /or limit current reality,
• Learn to easily be in charge of your own “state of mind”, emotional responses and behaviour,
• Become a whole person free from internal conflict, fully integrated and energized, Have the life and future you have always dreamed of.

From those of us who want and pursue “more in life” to those who suffer from Chronic Pain, Complex Trauma or PTSD – Master Practitioner Training is the pathway. More advanced than any other current modality. This training is a transformative base for earned attachment security and evolution of consciousness of the whole person.

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“The greatest discovery in our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their states of mind – William James