TLT-Needhope-Seminar Attachment Based Time Line Therapy® Intervention 3 day Intensive Seminar

Attachment Based Time Line Therapy® Intervention 3 day Intensive Seminar

Time Line Therapy®, the latest development in Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques are a unique and unmatched method for creating powerful therapeutic change. When combined with the application of Attachment Based Therapy can produce rapid transformational change including the restructuring of the personality, resolution of attachment trauma and/or insecurity. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions, dissociative problems, borderline personality traits and other mental health and wellbeing issues are significantly reduced and, in many cases, disappear.


ACA-logo Attachment Based Time Line Therapy® Intervention 3 day Intensive Seminar
logo-1 Attachment Based Time Line Therapy® Intervention 3 day Intensive Seminar

You will learn:

  • Foundational principles of attachment theory across the life span.
  • Attachment assessment tools, scoring, interpretation & intervention planning.
  • Principles of Integration.
  • The link between NLP Time Line Therapy® – Attachment Based Therapy, Process of Integration & Earned Attachment Security.
  • The history of NLP & Time Line Therapy®
  • The history of Attachment Based Therapy
  • Introduction to the NLP model of Therapy
  • Understanding the mind body connection
  • Parts Integration theory
  • How to do Parts Integration technique
  • How to do a Time Line Therapy® intervention
  • Evaluation of the level of total integration that has occurred and its impact on the client’s attachment system.
  • Attachment classification “earned security” in the context of “Attachment Based Time Line Therapy® Intervention”

Registration details:

Introductory Offer – Early Bird Rates
Book by 31 May 2019 Level 1 Workshop $890 +GST
Full Price June Workshop $990 +GST


Book Level 1 June or September
Early Bird still applies for Level 1
Plus receive Level 2 Workshop discounted from $990 to $890 + GST

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Course/Workshop Outline:

  • Welcome
  • Trademark and copyright notice
  • Time Line Therapy® Creation & Attachment Based Therapy Development
  • NLP Model of Therapy
  • Rapport
  • Sensory Acuity
  • The Major Techniques
  • The Major premise
  • Prime directives of the unconscious mind
  • Questioning for Results
  • Attachment theory overview
  • Attachment assessment and classification system
  • Attachment questionnaires & interpretation pre and post measures
  • Elicitation of Time Line # 1
  • Elicitation of Time Line # 2
  • First Test of Elicitation
  • Discovering the root cause
  • Negative Emotions # 1
  • 3 things to check at position # 3
  • Notes regarding learnings
  • General Reframes
  • Negative Emotions # 2
  • Anxiety
  • If a client associates into a traumatic memory
  • Determining Limiting Decisions & Beliefs
  • Limiting Decisions & Beliefs
  • 3 Reasons why the Emotions Disappear
  • Changing the Time Line
  • Location/Direction # 1
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • In your future
  • Fast Phobia Model
  • Parts Integration (minor internal conflicts to Dissociative Identity Disorder)
  • How to do a full Time Line Therapy® Intervention
  • Introduction to the Pain Paradigm – The mind/body connection
  • Trauma Integration
  • Moving attachment status from disorganized / insecure through to the secure classification
  • Interpreting Pre and Post Measures
  • Ongoing work/coaching
  • Statement of Scope of Practice