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Relationships & Marriage Counselling

When we are experiencing marriage and relationship problems, there can be a lot of pain and confusion, and it can often be difficult to cope with the other areas of our lives when we are struggling with problems with our partner.

Director of Hope Counselling Ballarat, Georgina Anderson understands that couples are looking for a positive action plan and a way through their problems to make changes which have a positive impact and a real sense of hope for their relationship.

Georgina is passionate about restoring hope and helping you create loving relationships!

Georgina Anderson has 15 years’ experience and can help you with all kinds of relationship

issues including:

Premarital Course
Marriage & Relationship Counselling
Problems from childhood
Poor communication anger management problems or verbal abuse
Problems with power and control
Relationship neglect, lack of intimacy
Loss of Love
Sexual Problems
Porn Addiction Problems

“Restoring lives through effective therapies”

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