After the Rain

Have you been hurt, abandoned, taken advantage of, abused or even exploited?
Maybe you have felt trapped or prisoner to a person, a situation or an addiction? If these questions resonate with you it’s time to read on…

In working with troubled people who have been unable to recover or bounce back from difficult and sometimes traumatic experiences, despite sometimes years and/or seeing professional after professional with little Read more

Time Line Therapy® – Put the Colour Back into my Childhood

When I first experienced Time Line Therapy ® I was amazed and intrigued with the process. It seemed simple and it was simple, yet it also felt deeply profound. As I was imagining being over and above the time line of my memory system… floating back and forth… I chose to suspend all my self-talk and just let it happen (as per the instructions).

To my surprise, events in my childhood history popped into my awareness… just like that! Now in retrospect, the events I became aware of were not the ones I would have chosen with my self-talk. It was only then, I realized those problems were there, on those events. Read more


Time Line Therapy® – The Foundation of Quantum Healing

Have you ever felt like a prisoner to your emotions? Is there a pattern of negative emotions that keeps recurring in your life? Have you felt that life seems to be against you or that things just don’t work out for you? Are past negative circumstances still impacting you today? Does the past colour your perspective of tomorrow with… shades of grey?

In my twenty years of experience, the authentic, original Time Line Therapy® born out of Neuro Linguistics is above and beyond any other therapy modality in Psychology, Read more

Babyhood: What is Attachment? – by Georgina Anderson.

Becoming a new mum brings in the birth of a new relationship… 

A relationship of caregiving your precious baby. This very process of caregiving becomes a strong foundation in the attachment experience with your baby.

So what is Attachment – and why is it important in the early years of babyhood?

Attachment has been described by well known practitioners such as Dr. John Bowlby and psychologist Mary Ainsworth as the emotional tie between mother and child; The affectional tie and bond a person forms to another specific one and the lasting psychological connectedness between them. Read more

How to help your baby feel secure

As we discussed in my last article, secure attachment enables your baby to grow learn and thrive in every area of their life including close relationships.  So let’s focus on how you can enable your baby to develop this “secure attachment”.

Dr John Bowlby was asked by the World Health Organization to define what facilitates healthy, resilient children who thrive in all areas of their lives.  He surveyed top professionals worldwide, across a range of health disciplines, and came up with this statement: “A first three years of unbroken mutually enjoyable relationship with the primary attachment figure”. Read more